We have a touching story about a young husband we sent to Mike 189’s graduation.

This husband’s wife was at Cape May for seven months due to an injury. She recovered, and joined Mike 189. Just as graduation approached, we found out that her husband couldn’t afford to get to Cape May for her graduation. To make it even more heart wrenching, they had a toddler who was deaf. Their son had never heard his mother’s voice nor seen her in all that time. While she was healing from her injury and in training, her son received a cochlear implant. Even though we send only one family member, this case needed to have both family members there. So, thanks to the kind donations of our supporters, both dad and little boy went to graduation. In addition, a little boy heard his mother’s voice for the first time. This young wife, who had stayed the course and was steadfast, was doubly rewarded.

BZ to our families who care so deeply about others in our Coast Guard family! You are all amazing and you all made this possible.