A young wife approached us telling us that her husband’s family and she wanted to have someone there for his graduation. He was not expecting anyone to come but she knew it would mean so much to him. No one in his family had the resources to attend. She and her husband had talked about her attending graduation before he left for boot camp but he had left it up to her. He told her it would not matter either way but she could tell how much it would mean to him to have her there. After receiving a couple of letters from him, she said it was even clearer she knew how much it would mean to him.

She started researching costs, but when she started adding rental car, food, lodging, and airfare it became apparent attending graduation was out of reach for her limited budget. She had set aside some funds for travel but knew it was not enough. She asked for our help knowing it would be so meaningful both to her, her husband, and their family as whole.

After her husband’s graduation, she sent us the following note…”I’ll say thank you. A BIG thank you! Being present as my husband graduated was a very, very proud moment. It was an honor to congratulate other members of his company as well. I asked my husband what gift he might want…since graduation, Father’s Day, and our wedding anniversary all fall within a couple weeks. I might still get him a little something but it was clear there was no greater gifts for him than having me present on such a proud day! Those who donated to this fund made this trip possible for a young family who otherwise would have had to miss this wonderful occasion to celebrate together.”