Now we have a tale of one dad and two recruits. This father had a daughter in India 190 and a son in Juliet 190. He had been unemployed and was not able to manage the expense of travelling to one graduation, nevermind two. Then the CGFAF got involved and were able to make sure he was at both graduations. His message to us after his daughter’s graduation…

“I am searching for the words to explain the absolute JOY AND ELATION I have experienced in the past three days.

I will attempt to relate my feelings and gratitude for the assistance provided by the Coast Guard Family Assistance Foundation in a written letter to be forwarded to you after my son’s graduation this coming Friday…..there is so much to say….so much….to have missed this event/experience would have been a true misfortune….

The Officers and Enlisted cadre who transform these young men and women into RESPONSIBLE, DISCIPLINED, MOTIVATED, AND SELF DIRECTED Coast Guard seamen are in a class by themselves.

My son’s Company Commander allowed him to join me for the graduation ceremony…….that made the experience complete and I have been walking on air since seeing them both in uniform.

EVERYONE was so accommodating, nice and helpful….

While I expected a change in my two children….I was overwhelmed, remarkable. They too are also beaming with pride…..and truly PROUD TO BE PART OF THE COAST GUARD!!!

Again, I will follow this up with a written account of this Coast Guard Father’s experience…”

Thank you is simply not an adequate way to express my appreciation.”