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CGFAF Helps Mom Surprise Son

We helped a mom surprise her son at his graduation from Xray 189. He knew she didn’t have the funds to travel to his graduation and graciously accepted that no one would be there. Here is what his mom told us about her surprise. ”My son performed in the band during...

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CGFAF Send A Wife and Baby to Cape May

With great honor and pride, several members of the CG Family Assistance Fund executive and advisory board attended Uniform 189’s graduation ceremony today. We were doubly honored that Captain Prestidge acknowledged our presence and thanked us for what we do. To make...

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Father Sees Son Graduate at Cape May

From a dad we sent to Papa 189’s graduation thanks to the donations our Coast Guard family has made…. “Thank you so much to you and the Coast Guard Family Assistance Fund at Without this help I would not have been able to attend my Son’s graduation from...

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CGFAF Assists Another Coast Guard Family

We have a touching story about a young husband we sent to Mike 189’s graduation. This husband’s wife was at Cape May for seven months due to an injury. She recovered, and joined Mike 189. Just as graduation approached, we found out that her husband couldn’t afford to...

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Our year has started off great! We sent a dad to his son’s graduation from Charlie 190. What made this even more special? The dad lives in Guam! The recruit’s dad, Steve, is a pastor living in Guam and the family knew there was no money for anyone to attend his son’s...

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CGFAF Helps Coastie Wife Attend Graduation

A young wife approached us telling us that her husband’s family and she wanted to have someone there for his graduation. He was not expecting anyone to come but she knew it would mean so much to him. No one in his family had the resources to attend. She and her...

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CGFAF Helps Three Coast Guard Mothers

The next time we were approached to help, it ended up being three moms all with recruits in the same company. The first mom was an unemployed medical assistant. The father of the recruit was in the Air Force and died when the son was 15 months old. No other family...

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CGFAF Helps A Marine Attend Graduation

All of our family members we help are special, but there was one who especially deserved our help. He was a young husband, a former Marine who had served three combat tours. He then joined the Army and served an additional combat tour. During his final combat tour, he...

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